I just got done helping launch the website for the Off the Map’s “So You Say You Want a Revolution” Conference.

Since I am now lead web developer for Off the Map and a pastor who really likes their ministry, I’ll be heading out to the conference. Feel free to join me!

I don’t think that I have yet mentioned that I am working for them now as web developer. I’m basically revamping their entire web presence one site at a time (they have about 5 sites). If you have ever been on their home page you’ll know that the ministry is great but their website is rather confusing (any site that needs a “how to use this site” is waaay too complicated!).

So, my goal is to help this ministry have a more effective and simplified web presence. I have one site revamped so far. Its called “Church Rater.” Not only am I really pleased with how the layout turned out, but I think its a really interesting site. I think you’ll enjoy reading it…

(btw, the design on the conference website is not mine. it was done before i came on board so i was only part of getting the content ready for launch).