Organic Community by Joe Myers I have posted my first official book review today. I reviewed the book “Organic Community” by my good friend Joe Myers.

Here is what I said,

“Joe’s first book changed the way I look at community and how people belong in my community.

Joe’s second book continued to help me do that by giving some very helpful, effective and “common sense” approaches to leadership of this kind of community.

I have found that many pastors who read Joe’s books find themselves uncomfortable with the ideas he presents. But, I have found that many “lay people” (for lack of better word) read his stuff and say, “yeah, duh. isn’t that the way its supposed to be” or “man, I wish I could find a church that gave me the freedom to live like this.”

The ideas and thoughts he writes about often made me say “duh, why have i never realized that.” And you truly let them sink in and try take them seriously you realize they can radically change the way you look at not only Church but life in general.

A theme that I have found resonates through each book is that we leaders need to have more trust in the people in our communities. And just because they don’t fit in our models of what a correct participant in our communities looks like, doesn’t mean they are not living faithfully and compassionately as followers of Jesus…

I’d recommend this book to anyone… in fact, I already have to a bunch of people and pastors.”

Of course, you can also visit his amazing looking website at (yes, I built it!). While you are there be sure to head to the contact page and send him a note and tell him to blog more!

Oh, and go buy the book here…