One Village Coffee LogoMy good friend Scott Hackman is part of a small coffee roasting company called “One Village Coffee.” It’s the best coffee I have tasted. Ever. I even took the coffee into my local Starbucks where I usually study and the manager there (who is a coffee freak) confessed that this was “damn good coffee.” So, go buy some. You’ll be happy you did.

But, OVC is more than just good coffee. Its a company that is helping make a difference in the world. I think Scott told me recently that they are not changing the world by themselves, but they are working directly with and supporting those who are changing the world. These are the people you and I don’t hear about. They are the ones serving in organizations like Stephens’ Children which functions out of a garbage dump in Cairo serving the massive population that lives in poverty there.

OVC was just featured in a Relevant Magazine article here.

Oh, and yeah, I designed their website.