“The Well has a lot of things to go to, but not a lot of things to do.” I’ve heard this statement a few times and honestly it hold some truth. One of the disadvantages of being a more “organic” community is that it is often very hard to know where and how you can fit in to the mission.

We have long desired a more helpful way for people to get involved, without taking away from our ability to change, morph and meet specific needs when unexpected things arise. You could say that for a while we have been a lot like an amoeba (pretty much a really jelly-like without much structure). It has become clear over the years that while that seems like the ideal way to do church, it is just not completely practical in our disconnected and scattered context.

So, the question for us has been: “How can we organize ourselves for mission without losing the organic and adaptable nature of our community?” To continue with our analogy, this would mean adding a little bit of a skeleton to our amoeba like existence.

Sunday, with this in mind, we introduced our “new” Mission Teams. (I say “new” because most of these teams have existed in a loose, informal way for quite some time, while some are new).

What are Mission Teams?
Our teams serve our mission. They are vehicles to help us be intentional about fulfilling God’s dreams for us as a community. These teams exist primarily to lead the rest of us in these areas. The justice team calls the rest of us to care about the poor, the community care team calls us to care for those in need, the family ministry team leads the rest of us as we all care for the children and parents in our community, etc.

These teams do not do all the work in these areas, these teams help call us all to care about these important areas of mission.

We encourage you to take some time to pray about being part of one or more of these teams (you can sign-up on Sunday mornings or feel free to email us). Of course, much of our ministry will still take place in “unofficial” ways so please don’t think you have you have to be part of a team to be part of The Well. We do hope that, as you feel called to serve, you will have some more helpful connection points to go to with your ideas….

View a list and descriptions of our mission teams