Yep, that’s right. Its been a crazy two weeks around the Hiestand house. First comes news of another new baby and Friday night we heard from our adoption agency that we are officially done with the final part of the adoption process. (Actually, the papers were signed off on May 11 and they sat on a desk till yesterday to officially signed off on – sigh).

Anyways…since we are out of PGN (that’s what they call the last process) we are waiting for our embassy appointment down in Guatemala.

We’re hoping to head down there the first week or so of August, we’ll get informed of the date in about 1-2 weeks and then we’ll have week or so to scramble for tickets and get down there.

Of course right now, we’re scrambling to find $10,000. That should be a good time! (Have I mentioned there is a place you can give a little donation in the sidebar via paypal? Every dollar helps!)