From The Shaping of Things to Come,

We Protestants have generally struggled to affirm our place in God’s plan of redemption for fear of developing a salvation by works. In our efforts to ensure tha God’s sovereignty remains unsullied, we have tended to downplay the vital part that God has set for humanity in the redemption of the world. We have tended to make a formula of “all of God” and “we are nothing….”

“We partner with God in the redemption of the world. This is not just an issue of theology or of spirituality; it is an issue of thoroughly reorienting missiology. It will provide God’s people with a new sense of purpose, a divine connection to actions. We need to grasp the fact that in God’s economy our actions do have an eternal impact. We do extend the kingdom of God in daily affairs and activities and actions done in the name of Jesus. We live in an unredeemed world. But out of each human life tht is given over to God and committed to his creation, a seed of redemption falls into the world, the harvest is God’s!”

For those of you who are worried about salvation by works, here is a footnote in their book:

“The issue of salvation by works or by grace will be dealt with in the chapter on action as sacrament. Suffice to say here that the authors fully affirm salvation by grace alone. All we are saying is that our actions do have intrinsic, but not salvific, value as well as redemptive significance.”

The issue here is that we are the hands and feet of Jesus (no, not literally!) and have a massive role to play in God’s redemption of the world. This should effect our daily lives, even the seemingly mundane things, in awesome ways.