No, we didn’t lose Cole in the woods or anything, but I’m talking about our adoption. We’re getting down to the point where we might have some information about our child any day now. Its crazy to think that the child is going to grow up in our family is out there somewhere. Of course, as you can read below we’re short on the caish but a little cash advance from our credit card will solve that right quick!

From Melanie’s Blog

I just talked to Teresa today and she said she is pretty sure we are second on the list. She said to be ready in the next few weeks. Yeah!!! But this is also a little nerve wracking because we are still a little short in the money area. No worries though, it will be here when we need it.

She said that there are a couple babies ready, they just need to be checked by the doctor and have a medical report written up. It’s so weird hearing her say that, thinking that one of those babies she is talking about may be ours. So, being that close in line, he is probably born and out there somewhere. I pray he is getting well taken care of.

We will continue to keep you updated and post pictures as soon as we get them. Thanks for all your support.

Thanks for your continued prayers…we need em!