I’m continuing to devour the book by Margaret J Wheatley called,¬†Finding Our Way: Leadership for an Uncertain Time

I think most of us will agree with this quote…

As leaders, we have no choice but to figure out how to invite in everybody who is going to be affected by change. Those that we fail to invite into the creation process will surely and always show up as resistors and saboteurs. But I haven’t become insistent on participation just to avoid resistance or to get people to support my efforts. It’s because no one person is smart enough to design anything for the whole system. No one of us these days can know what will work inside the dense networks we call organizations. We can’t see what’s meaningful to people or even understand how they get their work done. We have no option but to invite them into the design process.

The challenge is living this out, is it not?

How does this happen?

What are the processes and practices that give leaders opportunity to invite people into the process?

Perhaps a good question is, what posture do leaders currently take that make this harder than it needs to be?