I am sitting here doing some study / preliminary work on my sermon for this weekend. We’ve starting the book of Ephesians and I’m taking in Ephesians 1:3-10. Its a quite a full passage and I’m looking forward to the challenge of preaching on it.

But for some reason, my mind is going to the idea that pastors need to be doing their own personal reading (call it devotions if you want) outside of the text they are preaching for the week.

I get the concept behind that.

But now I’m wondering, is this because we’re trained to approach the text that we are preaching in a way that doesn’t effect or transform our lives?

We encourage those who are part of The Well to sit with this text during the week and let it be part of their regular reading. But, as the pastor, that’s not good enough? I need to read beyond that?

When I study a text for a week that I am preaching I am doing background work and (some) language work. But, I am also sitting with the text all week long, keeping it in on the front of my brain all week long and letting it become infused in my daily life. Sounds pretty devotional to me.

The question for me is, am I doing this with the text when I am not preaching?

That’s another story altogether.

I guess my point is, as pastors, we better be taking in the text we are preaching in a way that it can transform our own lives, or we’re probably better off not preaching it at all.

And when we’re not preaching, we’d better be doing it too…

Now I am preaching at myself…