Those of you who visit my blog daily, whoever you are, may have noticed that I’m not posting as much as I had been recently. That’s on purpose. I’m doing my best to pay attention to the things that are right in front of me and not spread myself too thin. I often, with the best of intentions, tend to get way too many sticks in the fire and then it gets hard for me to manage them.

So, I’m focusing these days on being faithful to what’s in front of me while still looking intentionally at the future. That means I’ve got to say “no” or “not now” to some things that I really want to say yes to.

For now, my blog is getting a “whenever I get the chance” response from me. Not sure how long that will last really. I’ve been trying to spend more of my nights reading rather than surfing the web so I’m likely to throw a quote up or a book review here and there.

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