One thing I don’t do well is pray. Yeah, I know. Not good to hear from a pastor but it something that bothers me and is something I am trying to learn. I actually do try to spend a lot of my day on somewhat continual conversation with God and to me, that is some of my best times with Him.

But, for some reason it has always been awkward for me to randomly ask someone if they want to pray together, even my closest friends. You know, the times when someone says, “will you pray for _____ (fill in the blank)?” For me, it is often very hard and even awkward feeling for me to say, “Okay, do you mind if we do that now?” My dad is the best at this. There have been so many times where we will be talking on the phone and he will say right out, “can I pray for you for that right now?” and then he does. On the receiving end, it’s great. Still, when faced with the opportunity to pray for someone off the cuff, I usually talk myself out of it. Not totally sure what the deal is there.

Does anyone else struggle with this? This is not something only pastors should be doing either, its a great thing for everyone…pray for each other. Not too hard, but at the same time…it is. Strange.