*Update: Late last night the search and rescue team found my uncle. When they found him, we was in a deep hypothermia and was unresponsive. From what i understand he passed away on the way to or when he got to the hospital.

thanks for your prayers.

My uncle Gordon Longenecker (he’s the one in the lower left of this picture with the mustache) went out hunting with a friend on Sunday night in near Billings, MT. The two of them separated for about a 1/2 hour and my uncle (my mom’s brother) never showed up at their rendezvous point.

Its now almost 24 hours later and he is still missing. we really have no clue what happened.

there is a search and rescue team out looking for him and it will be getting dark soon. he left his heavy jacket and boots in the car so all he has is a light coat and sneakers to keep warm. he unfortunately left his cell phone in the car. it was lightly snowing all day and getting cold. there is a snow storm approaching the area tonight as well.

not really sure what to make of the whole thing. we don’t know if he is hurt, lost or, God forbid, worse.

So, please pray for my family, especially my mom, my grandparents and of course my uncle’s family. he and my aunt Carol have two great kids who are both out of high school…

so…prayers. thanks.