Doing some yard work

Doing some yard work

Tomorrow we are celebrating our son Mason’s 2nd birthday.  (His birthday is on the 30th though).  It’s hard to be believe that he’s that big. It’s been a whirlwind since he came home to be part of our family (he’s adopted btw). He’s such a spunky kid and has a lot of personality. His smile and big eyes melt my heart.

As I was thinking about his birthday, I started looking at some of the blog entries that I wrote when we were down in Guatemala meeting him and bringing him home. If you are new to the blog, you may have missed these. For me, reading them reminds me again just how much of a gift this child has been to our lives.

So, in case you missed them or in case you want to read again here is a quick list of some of the more important posts:

  • Dear Mason #1 – My letter to him the night before we met him. I can’t wait to have him read this when he’s older.  I almost started tearing up just reading it again today.
  • Dear Mason #2 – My letter to him the day that we met him.
  • Dear Mason #3 – The third letter to him.
  • Dear Mason #4 – Just a little update of how our week was going.
  • When Cole and Mason met
  • An adoption sermon – I preached this sermon the week that we got back.  It really captures my heart on the whole experience and how it relates to the God inviting us into His family.

If you want to read all the post from our trip you can read them here. 

Happy birthday kid.  We love you!