I don’t delve into polictics on my blog alot.  Heck, I don’t delve into politics in my life a lot.  

But, whether you voted for Obama or McCain, tonight was historic.

I had a stream of thoughts as I wanted the events unfold tonight. Here are a few of them:

  • I don’t believe that the significance of an black man being elected as the president of the United States can be overstated. 
  • John McCain’s concession speech was moving and inspiring. I appreciated his humility and it’s clear that he loves America more than he loves himself.  This speaks volumes of about this man’s character. 
  • I appreciated the way that Obama’s victory speech was reverent and  a tad subdued. He could have easily whipped that huge crowd into a frenzy but he didn’t.  That shows he has a sense of humility and respect for what had just happened. 
  • I will be praying that President Elect Obama is able to be a man of character, humility and integrity as he takes on a job that is bigger than any single person could ever imagine. 
  • I wonder how many of the excited Obama supporters will be quick to leave him when he has to make difficult, unpopular decisions in the coming years. I wonder how they will respond when he screws up and makes wrong decisions (because, he will). 
  • I wonder how many Christians who are fearful of Obama will be able to truly pray that he serves our country well and not secretly hope he screws up so they can be right. I wonder if they will be able to admit when he makes good moves (because, he will)
  • Obama is not spell checking correctly. I wonder how long it will take for this little red underline to go away as I write his name. 
  • Perhaps the most mindlessly fun part of my evening was watching all my conservative-leaning and liberal-leaning facebook status and twitter updates.  

Beyond all these things, I am honored to have watched a very, very significant moment in the history of our country.  Time will tell how Obama handles this monumental challenge and how his policies and stances on issues will effect our nation.  

I pray that he leads this country well and with great wisdom.