I just finished reading ReJesus by Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost (doesn’t Michael have a blog?!).  Overall it was a really good read that I really enjoyed.   It was a great call for the Church/christians to actually act like Jesus.  They do good job of showing that if we really were to “act like Jesus” a lot of things would have to change.  

One of my favorite quotes they used was one that my friend Chris Marlow used as well in his excellent blog post this morning.  They write, 

The process of reJesusing the church will begin with a rediscovery of the fierce and outrageous life of Jesus. Too many people have become turned off to the church because the object of our faith seems bland and insipid. It reminds us of the quip made by the archbishop who is reported to have said, “Everywhere Jesus went there was a riot. Everywhere I go they make me cups of tea!”

Well, everywhere I go they make me coffee but that’s just because I use Starbucks as my office all the time.  This book has really gotten me thinking about how I am living and the picture of Jesus I am putting forth with my life (and the picture of Jesus that our church is putting forth with our life together). 

Perhaps the best part in the book is simply the call to ask fresh questions about how our lives match up with the One that we follow.  You can’t really go wrong with asking that question and its one that we need to ask a heck of a lot more. 

As Chris says in his post, I want to be like Jesus, but only kind of. And honestly, most of the time I want to be like Jesus if it is convenient for me.

All in all, I recommend the book.  It was good for stimulating my imagination.  I thought there were parts that dragged a little bit (but that might be because I felt pretty versed on those sections) but it was still very well worth the read and definitely worth having my library.