Apple Macbook ProUh, yeah, right. No chance I am rethinking my allegiance to Apple despite the long, long list of recent problems my MacBookPro has had (read about them here). Not only did I have all those problems recently, but some of them were repeated. Just this week I was without my computer again for two days. Seems the logic board failed again and needed to be replaced. So, now i am on my third logic board since I bought this computer. If you are unfamiliar with computer parts, the logic board is pretty much the heart of the computer. So, in a sense, I am on my third machine. Apple told me that if the machine has any problems in the next two months they will just give me an entirely new machine.

So, even with all these problems, why do I stay loyal? I’ve been thinking about this and I realized that the reason I will always be a Mac user is because of the software / user interface experience. Now, I love the look of Apple computers. The design is downright beautiful. I love the minimalist design of their products. In fact, I remember the moment I was hypnotized by the glow of a friend’s apple logo on the back of his G3 iBook. I wanted one at that moment. But, despite what Andre Aggasi said, image is not everything. Also, hardware is not everything. As I have a seen, no matter how high of quality, hardware will fail. In some ways, that unavoidable. It happens to Macs and it happens to PCs. So, that’s not what keeps me loyal.

What keeps me loyal is their software. Mac Os X is so just so smooth, elegant and beautiful. Everything makes sense. Everything works (unless, in my case, the hardware breaks). Every little detail on this operating system has been thought through so carefully and is so darn intuitive. Sometimes I have to go back and use Windows to test a website and I am reminded about why I love the Mac operating system so much. Windows is clunky and unintuitive.

So, yeah go ahead and make fun of me for having my computer out to repair three times in the last 2 months. That’s fine. Honestly, I’d rather have my lemon MacBook Pro than have to use Windows on a daily basis. At least it was only my hardware that was broken. Hardware can be fixed. Operating systems are a different story. And when it comes to OSX, there is no comparison.