Over the last three or four years i have found many new and good friendships in the “Emergent” conversation. Whether it has has been a individual, one-on-one conversation with a friend or being part of a larger group of friends intentionally discussing the church i have found much to stimulate my thinking, challange me, disagree with and inspire. In fact, while enjoying the “conversation” the last few years i have probably had more interest in it when the discussions centered around being “missional.”

Anyways, its been quite apparent from meeting so many people from so many different expressions church that the Spirit is moving in the world in fresh ways. As most of you know the appointment of a new Coordinating Director for Emergent-US has created quite a stir because of the nature of what emergent had been. its been a conversation. how can a conversation have a director? Good question and it made me think of something i read from David Bosch in Transforming Mission a few months ago. He had some great thoughts on the early church and how it developed from something very organic to something very institutional. While the EC is not the early church, i think there is much that can be learned from his thoughts. I blogged about it here.

For us as a church, this whole idea has been very important. We are still in the stages of developing as a community. We will face and are facing some of these same discussions as we continue to mature and grow….