I am writing this offline, so I am not sure exactly what the words were of my thoughts on Franke and Grenz?s book ?Beyond Foundationalism?, but I am also reading ?The Safest Place on Earth? by Larry Crabb and he brings some good thoughts.

The basic essence of what my previous post was about was that in order to find our spiritual selves (who Jesus created us to be) we need community. We need others who will invoke in us a love for Christ and direct us further forward on our spiritual journey. But, I think this is only half of what we need to understand. If our primary goal is the advancement of our ?spiritual self? and we need community to get there then we have a problem, for this primary goal fights against the ability to have true spiritual community. Listen to what Crabb says,

?In a Trinitarian universe, where final reality is other-centered relationship, the priority drive toward self-actualization is selfish and out of step with the way things are supposed to be.? (52)

Basically, the essence of what he is saying is that when we live for ourselves (even it if is our desire for more spiritual life) we fight against what we really need, true community. This is because we take community for our own purposes. If we are all fighting for ourselves, how can we be fighting for each other? Crabb later says, ?we live for ourselves. And community is ruined.?

So, I guess the primary goal needs to be genuine community that encourages each other and helps others towards realization and journey toward spiritual growth?