This is an amazing post by Dan Kimball. Read it. Now.

an excerpt:

“I am amazed and even numb now, of when I ask Christians what they are doing to share Jesus with others or how they are being Jesus to others. I am guessing around 95% of the Christians I ask, especially church leaders, are not in any true friendship with a non-Christian. I ask when was the last time you went to dinner with someone outside of the faith? Or when have you gone to a movie with someone not already part of your church? The answer almost 95% of the time is “I haven’t.” All of the time is spent with Christians in the church. Have we so turned the need for “community” into a selfish thing to where we now don’t ever make effort to be salt and light to others? Or do so only by giving money to the poor or go on mission trips elsewhere – but not being in real relationships and friendships with those outside the church where we live?”

It is a perfect follow up to the conversation going from this post on my blog from a few days ago…

Thanks for the link “blindbegger