I am taking the next two days and heading out to a cabin in the woods with one my closest friends. We’re headed up there do to a mix of solitude and community. We made the deal that there will be no talking from after from breakfast till dinner time. During the evenings we’ll spend the time talking about life and God and what how our time of silence was. I’ll personally be spend much of the next two days just taking a step back, resting, listening to the Spirit and taking a long look at my life. I am sure God and I have a lot of talking to do.

The last time I did this it was perhaps the simple most transforming weekend of my life. However, I am looking forward to this time because I have someone to bounce my thoughts off of.

Bonhoffer in his book Life Together talks about the concept of going from solitude to community to solitude to community and so on. He basically says that we cannot only be alone but we cannot only be in community. We need both.

Looking forward to the next two days being a good expression of this.

See you on Wednesday…