I’ve been on a redesigning frenzy lately. Part of the thing I enjoy so much is sitting back after a site is done and seeing what all the work brought forth. Most people aren’t too impressed with the ways I tricked out the code to make it work, but its satisfying to the designer. Its kind of like manual labor. Its really nice to accomplish something…

– I finally fixed the mess that i made of this blog.

– I put out the redesign of my second Off the Map blog in record time on Saturday after the template we were using was having some problems. (its a good thing I didn’t have to preach Sunday) The site is called “Ordinary Attempts: Doable Evangelism for Ordinary People” and it is not only a great looking site, but Bruce is sharing some great thoughts on evangelism. Of course, its loosely based off the book by Jim Henderson called “A.K.A Lost” that you (and I) should buy.

– I was up way too late tonight redesigning the relaunch of MereMission in preparation for the blog feeds that will start showing up later this week. We have some great bloggers who are part of this and I’m pretty excited about it.