Not sure what all this dang snow is about.

All I know is that we are going to be in Arizona on the golf course, touring the Grand Canyon and spending some quality time with my family. Each year my Dad, my two brothers and i get together for some “father-son” time. The last few years we have combined this with bringing the women along. So, we head off and do something “manly” and the women do whatever it is women do… So far we’ve done an overnight canoe trip, drove all the way around Lake Michigan, spent at weekend at a cabin in Wisconsin on Green Lake, spent a day in Gettysburg. This year we are going to take two days out of our vacation with the family and take a Jeep tour around the ancient lands of Sedona and then take a two hour ride up to the Grand Canyon and explore around there for a while. It promises to be a great time of discussing church, theology, family and other stuff. I can’t wait till my son Cole and my nephew, Jake, are old enough to join us on these “man trips.”

So, yeah, we have snow here…I guess it will just make me appreciate the nice warm weather in Arizona more!