Instead of actually writing on my blog on my day off today. i thought it would be fun to redsign it a bit. Still working out some of the obvious kinks with colors…but i think i am almost there…

i’ll start blogging again soon. there is so much i have thought, “i need to write about that” but have just not gotten around to sitting down and doing it..

This has been a crazy few weeks. Back a while i mentioned that i locked my keys in the car dropping it off at the mechanic. Well, what i didn’t mention was that he called me the next day and kindly told me that my engine was blown and it was not worth saving. that was great news.

funny thing happend to me the day after that. i was working at starbucks and one of the pastors that comes into the store a lot who i have gotten to know asked if he could talk to me for a second. so, we walked outside and he said that he had been meaning to ask me this for about 5 months but for some reason he just remembed today…he wanted to know if i wanted a free car. seriously. the day after i blow my engine. a friend offers me a free car.

of course i did what anyone would do when offered a free car when you do’nt have one. ask what kind it is. no. i’m kidding. i didn’t do that. obviously i said for sure and it turns out it is a decent car. a plymouth acclaim with only 80,000 miles. needs to be looked over and stuff but it is totally drivable….


there is more to the story, but the short of it is that on that Friday we were down to one car. now we have four. (one given to us. the one that broke down someone offered to fix for free. the station wagen we were given when my wife’s grandma died and the Saturn that we had been letting my in-laws drive which i am now driving till we get all these cars worked out).

on another note. i am totally over tired because i have not been getting enough sleep. between a few concerts at the well (great ones) and my wife and i watching all 24 episodes of the first season of 24 on DVD in less than a week…one thing is clear…I NEED SLEEP.