So over Christmas this past year I spent some time trying to explain to my family how I spend use the different social networking websites out there. It took some time but I finally resorted to drawing it out on a napkin so it made some sense.  While I participate in an number of different sites, I don’t actaully spend much time on all of them.   Through interconnecting some of these different things I am able to spend most of my time in one or two places while still participating in the others.

Here’s a rundown of the map…

  • Twitter feeds my blog with my most recent update in the upper right hand corner.
  • Twitter sends my most recent update to Facebook’s status line (so I don’t have to visit Facebook to update my status there).
  • Twitter sends my most recent update to the status line of my three Instant Messager programs.
  • I connect to my three instant messenger programs at the same time through a program on my Mac called “Adium” which also connects me to Facebook chat (though, i tend to turn that off when I think of it because I have way too many friends on Facebook).
  • My blog automatically sends notice of my most recent blog post to my twitter status (which, of course, then ends up on my instant messenger accounts and my Facebook line).
  • I e-mail photos from my iPhone to my Flickr account (photo sharing) and then they show up at the top of my blog.

There, I think that about covers it.

Simple right?

Actually, while it might not be simple to set up and it seems really complicated, its really natural for me.

Of course, the bigger question is “why?” Why do all this?  Why share so much?  That’s a great question but the main thing is that I have seen over the last few years the beauty and joy that comes from being able to learn from and speak into so many different people that I would never meet otherwise.