When i went to camp in Wisconsin as a kid, there was this running debate over whether we were supposed to call soft drinks “soda or “pop.” I, being from the Chicago area, called it “pop” while others, called it “soda.” I always wondered where those poeple lived…

finally, the mystery is revealed! …check this out….

(by the way, being in Philadelphia, EVERYONE calls it soda. Now, after about 8 years, i too have been converted to a “soda” person)

7 responses to “Soda vs. Pop”

  1. matt says:

    dang it… i started reading this and i was going to pitch my 2 cents in by linking to http://www.popvssoda.com/… but i see that was the point of your post. maybe i should actually read web sites rather than just browse them

  2. That is an awesome resource, Todd.

    I grew up a “pop” person in Iowa and slowly converted to soda in California. Now I am a soda person without even thinking about it.

    They say that’s when you really have become fluent in a foreign language, when you no longer have to translate the word in your mind, but when you say the word, in this instance, “soda,” the thing to which you are referring pops, so to speak, into your head.

    Therefore, for me to use the word “pop,” now, I must first think of the word “soda” and translate it into Iowa-ese as “pop.”

    I therefore am a soda person.

  3. Also, I’m curious what those Green people call carbonated beverages. I think I’ve heard “tonic” and “ginger ale.” But those green counties look to be very isolated. Are these the lands that soda forgot?

  4. Maybe those should be targeted for the next GCAC church plant, heh?

    (I’ll try to contain all my thoughts in a single post next time. Sorry.)

  5. Jim says:

    You can find out what the “other” names for pop, soda or coke are at: http://www.popvssoda.com

    There are tons of additional stats including state by state breakdown: http://www.popvssoda.com/stats/ALL.html

  6. Thanks Jim.

    By the way, to the 3 people who read this blog, “Jim” is the one who originally sent me this link in the first place. must give credit where credit is due!


  7. Scott says:

    “Soda” is fine in PA I guess….but please don’t try to bring back that “slang” to Chicago the next time that you come to visit!!!