My Old blog design On a whim tonight, I made some major modifications to my blog design. I did a bunch of things….

  • The Site width is now 960px instead of 1000px.  I hope this gives the design a little more breathing room.
  • I reduced the font size a bit.
  • Simplified the header
  • Tried to make the section titles a bit more bold (as i want to highlight the little sayings in throw in there).
  • I put the feeds up at the top.
  • I only have two full posts showing now, the rest below it are excerpts (for you geeks out there, this was done by using two looks and i queried posts, then offset the bottom section by two posts)
  • I moved the flickr photos down to the sidebar so the header could be simpler.
  • For the web geeks: I got rid of a bunch of poor markup and also reduced the CSS file by 236 lines.
  • I went with bolder lines and borders. Why? I just like it, okay.
  • I probably did some other stuff… but I forget.

Note, its too late for me to check to see if the layout breaks in IE for windows.  If it does, let me know and I’ll try to fix it for you.

What do you think?