Tim and Jenn Fidanzo

Tim and Jenn Fidanzo

We’ve spent the last couple days hanging out with Tim and Jenn Fidanzo who are from Portland, OR.  We met them on Sunday morning when they showed up at our church.  About four months ago, Tim and Jenn felt that God was calling them to give up to very well paying jobs, sell their belongings, buy a mobile home that runs on recycled Veggie oil (their last fill up came from Burger King) and travel around the country doing their best to love and care for the poor and homeless.  

They showed up at The Well because they saw that we have a weekly homeless ministry on our website.  So, tonight, after plugging into our building since last night and today, they are heading down to Philly with our group.  Of course, they happen to be going down there on the night that there is the possibility of there being a Championship in Philly for the first time in, like, forever.  Thankfully they are leaving their 

 Here’s a blurb from their website:

We’re selling and giving away all we got to go around the country in a rv sharing Christ’s love with the poor and marginalized. So far we got 15 different cities were targeting in a years span. We’ll be in each city 2-3 weeks working with organizations in each one that we had contacts with or God has given us contacts with. We’re going be going into the urban homeless and rundown areas providing food, clothing and, the message of Christ.

It’s funny, when I think about people who do things like this I usually picture them as some kind of super Christian.  People like Mother Theresa and Shane Claiborne come to mind.  But the great thing about meeting Tim an Jenn is how normal they are.  They are us, just without any stuff. They lived in the burbs. Tim worked at UPS.  They love college football and most sports.  They are normal people.  The don’t come across as super spiritual at all. They are normal and seem to struggle with the same kinds of things me and my family does.  This is probably as big as a complement as I could give them.  They don’t have any sense of “look at us.” (Not that Shane or Mother Theresa do by the way).  

Their lives should be a good lesson for us because it makes us realize that we don’t have to be super Christians to take giant leaps of faith.  

From here, Tim and Jenn are traveling to Maryland from here and on to the south and then the southwest and eventually back up to Portland.  If you are anywhere on their route, I am sure they’d love a home cooked meal and a place to park their beast of a motor home.  Leave me a comment and I’ll make sure they get it or just go to their website and leave them a note yourself.