TAI Incorporated I have spent the last 2 months working hard on designing, laying out and coding a new website for TAI Incorporated.

About the Company
TAI is in the business of leadership consulting. Their tag line is: “bridging the gap between strategy and execution.” Perhaps their greatest strength is their proprietary assessment tool called PRO Development. It’s basically a combination of all the tools you are familiar with and it is really, really helpful. At The Well, our leadership team each took the assessment an then had a training day with Davis Taylor (founder of TAI) and it was perhaps one of the most helpful days we’ve had together in a long, long time.

About the Site
The goals for this site were the following:

  • A clean, professional looking design that will appeal to top level executives
  • A well structured, semantically correct html/css layout that is optimized for google seaches
  • A site that serves as a landing spot for people who would lke more information about TAI – this is why there is more extensive copy than usual on the site. Those visiting the site will likely have already been introduced to the company and will also most likely speak the language of top level executive leadership.

What this site is built with…

  • The layout is pure, validating xhtml/css.
  • The technology driving the site is ASP.net. This is my first time using asp but I used it basically to include the header, footer, etc in the different pages.
  • There is no CMS implemented at this time. Everything was hand-coded by yours truly

Visit the website…