If you are looking at an orange and black theme, that means you are now looking at the WordPress theme I am developing for release to the public. I have it on here because I want to give it some good testing before I release it to others. If you see any issues, please let me know.

The theme will work with widgets and will include an image file so you could add a custom header if you wanted. I’m pretty excited to release it as it will be the first one for me.

So, here’s the question, I have put a TON of work into this thing and am strongly considering selling it for a mere $5, would you pay that for this theme?

Would love your thoughts…

If you don’t see the orange and black theme, that means I’ve switched back. You can view the new theme here: http://www.toddhiestand.com/wordpress

Update: Pat Loughery is testing out my theme for me. He made it blue and its Looking good. See it here.