One of the things that we discussed at length at our gathering of pastors last week was, “What would your church be like if there were no sunday morning worship service?”

This question really got me thinking. Not that I want to ditch our sunday morning service or anything, but it really made me look at what the church, our church is about. Recently I have really started to think of the word church as being synonomous with “community.” With this in mind, this question can be very hard to ask if we are honest with ourselves.

I found this quote on the Allelon website in an article written by Mark Priddy:

“Some studies suggest that as much as eighty percent of the time, money and energy of many churches go to make weekend services happen. At worse, in the words of George Hunsburger, this turns the church into a ?vendor of religious services and goods,? instead of a kingdom community sent on a mission. This, of course plays right into the hands of a Western individualistic, consumer-oriented society.”

Wow. Makes me ask myself. As a pastor. Where am I spending my time? What is important? The sunday morning service is part of that, but not 80%!