I’m becoming convinced that in suburban America one of the things that hinders our ability to respond to God’s call on our lives is money (and the mishandling of it). Too many followers of Jesus are so busy trying to keep their heads above water financially that they don’t have the freedom to live as generously as they really want to.  

We’re enslaved to our debt. This causes us to be over-worked and under generous and pretty even cranky.

Living debt free is more than just the prudent, wise thing to do (though, it is that!).  But living debt free is directly connected to our ability to more freely give our lives to God and to others. I know for certain that there are ways that my wife and I want to live that we just can’t do yet because we’re trying to get out of the burden of our debt.  This, of course isn’t an excuse to not do anything.  We are still doing our best.  But, we do need to be freed from the slavery of our debt.  

My church, The Well and the Renew Community will be co-hosting a financial seminar on November 8th that will be focused on helping us live in financial freedom so that we can more freely respond to God’s call on our lives.

We’re lucky to have Dave Briggs, director of Good Sense at Willow Creek Community Church who has over 27 years of experience in the financial industry, teaching and training financial seminars. 

You can find details and registration information here.

If you live in the area, please spread the word and bring some people along with you.   Considering the current state of our culture, this would be a great thing to bring anyone to (follower of Jesus or not).