This is my summary of Myers‘ four spaces of belonging…

My Description of these Spaces as taken from the book:

Public (12 ft. +)
– Give us a safe place to be known and accepted and find belonging.

Social (4 – 12 ft)
– Snapshots of who we are
– Safe selection for us to decide who we would like to grow a “deeper” with relationship
– Allow us to share an authentic definition of who we are.

Personal (18 inches – 4 ft)
– Sharing of Private Information
– Close Friends

Intimate (0 – 18 inches)
– “Naked yet unashamed”
– One person can only have a few of these

“All belonging is significant. Healthy community – the goal of humankind has sought since the beginning – is achieved when we hold harmonious connections within all four spaces. Harmony means more public belongings that social. More social than personal. And very few intimate.” (p. 51)