I have a very good friend who has had quite a roller coaster of a journey the past few years, well actually his life has been one i guess. he’s been on a really hard journey especially these few years just dealing with a lot of…well…crap. Some it is fault, other things he had no control over. in this process, he has really gone through, and is still going through a process of searching out what following Christ really looks like. I think he would say that he’s not really understood it well (again, some his fault and some of this comes from just a distorted view of God, faith, etc that he was taught, modeled and learned…)

The other day he asked me the following question:

“Will you please let me know what are the reasons that you follow God and what are some of the things that you find hard about following God…sorta like what is good and bad about following God.”

I have spent a week now thinking through this and want to give an honest, thoughtful answer. But, in the process, i was wondering how some of you might answer the question. if you want to participate, you can either post in the comments or make a post on your blog and link to it from the comments…it would be really neat to hear what some of you think about this question…