Yesterday I wrote about Scot McKnight’s definition of the gospel in his book embracing grace.

Today a thought came to me. Most of us probably don’t have the same exact definition in our heads that Scot presents, but we all probably have something that is similar or at least contains some similar elements.

My question is this: Whether we use Scot’s definition or our own, how much of a disconnect is there between the gospel that we profess and proclaim and the gospel that we live day in and day out?

  • If the gospel we profess focuses on forgiveness, how much do we actually embrace God’s forgiveness and how much do we forgive others?
  • If the gospel we profess emphasizes justice, how much do we actually participate in justice instead of just talk about it?
  • If the gospel we profess emphasizes the importance of the body of Christ, how much of a priority do we make it?
  • If the gospel we profess embraces all three (which, i’ll argue it should!) than how are we living differently in light of it?
  • Finally, if there is a disconnect between how we live and what we profess, is the gospel really acting as good news in our life? Or is it simply informative information that we’ve not allowed to seep into the fabric of our lives?

Just a few questions, that’s all… maybe something to think about…