While i am sure not many of you really care about my hair. I am exited to let you know that in four days I will have successfully gone 1 year without cutting it. Yes, a whole year. This time last year I shaved my head clean (no bic, but as close to that as possible) and I haven’t cut it since.

Gary told me today, “remember last year when you had short hair and glasses weren’t very cool…” I do remember that. Finally, I am now cool (at least, that’s what Gary says).

Here are a few shots of what its like now (of course, I don’t actually have it like any of these during the day – except for the fro when I have been working all day and the hair gets a little out of control).

Be sure to check my flickr account for the rest of the pics of my cool hair.

The Fro’:


The grunge look:

The Steve Nash Look: