I proudly bring you my recently updated list of: The 7 Most Important Jobs in the World – especially those that you don’t ever think about or appreciate.

  • High School Lunch Ladies.  Seriously, these women are kindest people you will ever meet. Also, what would kids do without the amazing extra large, extra soft cookies they make every day? I don’t think I would have made it through high school without them (the cookies and the lunch ladies).
  • Grocery Store Shelf Stocker People.  The last time you went to the store for that elusive bottle of ketchup, did you think at all about the person who put it there? I used to work at UPS till 4am and would often stop at the grocery store to grab milk or cereal for the family. Grocery store stockers are a breed of their own. But, I’m glad they are there!
  • Road Kill Cleaner-Upper People.  This is the ultimate silent job. Do these people exist? You never seen them, but they have to be out there, somewhere. Its amazing how many times I see deer dead on the side of the road on my way to the office and around town. The next day? They are gone. Where did they go? I’ve never seen them being cleaned up, but I’m guessing they didn’t get up and walk away. The other thing is, how did they know to come and clean it up? Is there a road-kill hotline that one can call? Do they have a road-kill Bat phone? However it works, there’s nothing like cleaning up dead, rotting, smashed animal carcass off of hot pavement. In my mind, this job is near the top of the list!
  • All Night Pharmacists. This isn’t one you think about until you have a three year old running a high fever with diarrhea at 3:00 in the morning.
  • Road Construction Workers. Sure, it looks like they stand around and do nothing and they are often the cause of traffic jams. But, if you are ever in a third world country you will realize why we should be value these people a little more. They are vital to making it possible for our crazy commuter society to continue to exist. (Wait, maybe we should be mad at them then?) If they weren’t here, we’d be driving around avoiding potholes the size of cars (like the ones I saw in Kenya a while back).
  • Trash Collectors. Every time I see a garbage truck with men hanging off the end (even though that looks pretty fun) I want to give these guys some major props. I can’t imagine having to wake up at 4:00 am clean up other people’s trash every day (rain or shine).
  • Public Restroom Janitors.  Seriously, think about this one for a second. I make it a goal to touch nothing in a public restroom (even the door) because they are scary, scary places. Can you imagine what would happen if all public restrooms in the world looked like the ones you find in small, podunk gas stations along the the interstate? I think these people need a little more respect, whoever they are. It’s one thing to pick up other people’s trash, but to clean up human waste for a living? Ugh.

This is kind of a good reminder that each person in this world brings value to society.

In fact, I might argue that the people in this list above bring more value and contribute more to our society than many “important” business people and athletes.

Let’s show a little respect to the “little people” eh?!