This summer I went to Zambia to work with a two other pastors from the states and our good friend George Palo who is doing some awesome work there with the Zambian Church.  George pastors in Ndola which is about 4 hours north of the capital, Lusaka.  

Standing near the recently fallen slave tree in Ndola, Zambia

Standing near the recently fallen slave tree in Ndola, Zambia

Just outside Ndola is a tree known as “The Slave Tree.” This stood or hundred years and it was called this because it was a key location on the slave trading route in Africa.

About a year or so ago, George and a few other churches felt the sense that this tree symbolized an attitude of servanthood (not the good kind) and inferiority in the people of their city.  Since this tree was the symbol for this they drove out to the tree and spent some time praying that God would release the yolk of slavery that still hung in the air in Ndola. 

Three or four weeks later this mighty tree fell and from what they could tell, there were no storms or high winds to cause it.  

George was quick to point out that there was no sure way to connect their prayer and the tree falling. But this tree had been standing for all these years and has now fallen shortly after their prayers (its not like they even prayed for it to fall).  Whether there was a direct connection or not, it served as a powerful illustration of the in-breaking kingdom of God.  I pray that this tree falling truly is symbolic of the yolk of slavery being broken, not only in Zambia but all throughout Africa and our world.