Eugene Cho posted details of a story that has not received too much press even though the story is both crazy and tragic. Many of us heard that a US fighter jet had crashed into a neighborhood earlier this week but not many of us know the tragedy that lies behind that random occurrence.

Dong Yun Yoon (Don Yoon in English) lost his wife, his two infant daughters and his mother-in-law in that instant. He was out of the house working. When I read Eugene’s post the other day it was so hard to read because the story was not to far off from mine. I have an amazing wife, two small children, my mother-in-law is at our house a heck of a lot and we actually live in the air path of a US Naval Base. I can’t imagine what I would do. Don’s response has been humbling to me as Don Yoon is a christian and his reaction to this tragedy has been an amazing testimony to our faith.

I encourage you to read the first post he made about him and also the second post from Eugune where he asks “Why aren’t we drawn to Dong Yun Yoon?” Eugene asks some good questions worth considering.

If nothing else, pray for Don. His life is forever changed.