I’ve been processing things like resolutions and goals more than ever this year. I’ve been thinking through a lot of different things but the one I keep coming back to is my need for a more disciplined work week.  It’s not that I am totally undisciplined. I mean, if I were there is no way I could run my own freelance design business and pastor at The Well.   But there is a need for me to have more boundaries and guides so that I can be faithful to my responsibilities. 

I currently love my lifestyle. I am mostly my own boss.  Each day I wake up and can choose what I want to work on (at least, mostly) where I want to work on it.   The “what” means I decide if I’ll be working on design work or church work that day. Depending on the week, some days  I need to focus on design work and others I need to focus on church work. Its up to me to figure out how to spend my time.  

Of course, the “where” is the most fun part.  I can’t imagine my life inside a cubicle (sorry those of you who are currently reading this from your cubicle!).  Each day I wake up and say to myself, “Where do i want to work from today?”  Sometimes its my office in the basement but most times its my office in one of the local Starbucks locations around my area. I also can head up to the cool little town of Doylestown and plop down in the local coffee shop or even spend a couple hours in the coolest cigar shop ever (if i have studying or reading to do since there is no wifi there).  

It’s funny, I woke up one day and was complaining to my wife that I was bored with all my “offices.”  She just looked at me and shook her head.  It’s amazing how spoiled one can get…

While this way of life is great, it requires that I find some more discipline.  It’s all too easy to spend my day doing things that are “work” but are not really the things I should be doing at the moment.  When things get crazy at church, its all too easy to forget about design stuff.  When things get busy with my design work, its all too easy to get the small (but important things) at church fall through the cracks.  In all of this, the tyranny of the urgent usually kills me. Bigger, longer term projects keep getting pushed aside because I am only thinking two to three days in advance.   This obviously isn’t good.  

In all of this, its all too easy to let my two jobs invade my personal life and family time.  Not having a permanent office means that my office is wherever I am.  Which, of course, sometimes means my office is my living room.   Which of course, sometimes make the family a little frustrated!

So, over the next couple weeks Melanie and I will be working through a more disciplined schedule together.  So far I have Monday mornings figured out.  This is the time that I am setting aside for scripture reading, book reading, prayer,  reflection, etc.  This is something I desperately need and want to do but its one of those things that doesn’t seem “urgent.”  Once a month during this time I’ll be meeting up with three other pastors who have become such incredible friends and brothers and I can’t imagine living without. (JR Briggs, Tom Ward and LT).  

I’m working out the rest of the week so that I am able to set aside specific time for sermon study, admin work, design work and meetings.  It might be more annoying for people to schedule time with me since Ill have specific times I am available for meetings but I definitely need boundaries so that I can be faithful to all my responsibilities. 

So, here’s to 2009.  

Oh, and my other major goal is to beat my 5 year old’s record in Wii bowling.  He bowled a 263 a week or so ago…