I have been thinking a lot about the last entry I put up about the guys who were arrested because they were protesting a gay parade in Philadelphia by reading scripture out loud (of course, speaking out against homosexuality). The article of course focused on the fact that the guys were arrested for their actions (I just found out from my brother that they were acquitted by the way).

My problem with this whole situation is not that their rights were taken away. Really, I could care less about that whole part of the story. The argument about free speech is an important argument, but my whole problem is with what these guys thought they were accomplishing by being there. It is clear they thought they were in the ?will of God? by doing this. It is also probably safe to say they had ?good intentions? in doing this as well. Despite their good intentions, I cannot think they, despite their intentions, they were honoring the example and teachings of Jesus. One does not have to look too hard to see how Jesus treated people who were on the fringes of society in his day (I think, correct me if I am wrong, that the gay community would be considered a fringe group. They are undergoing a lot of persecution, mostly from the hands of the church never-the-less, and I believe this makes them a fringe group in my mind. Of course, one might say that Jesus was not so ?kind? to all people (i.e. the Pharisees) so it was okay that they protested this way. My question then is this, which category do these guys fit into better. That of the self-righteous Pharisee or the woman, child, tax-collector, etc?

Back to the ?good intentions? thing. I have heard time and time again the annoying clich? , ?the road to hell is paved with good intentions.? Us Christians say that when we talk about why we think ?other religious groups? or other people who don?t believe in Jesus are going to hell. Regardless of whether we think this is true or not, it seems like we never use this same clich? with other Christians. For example, we often say that other Christians like these guys are okay because, well hey, they mean well. We say, I don?t think I would do it this way, but they have good intentions. So it can?t be all that bad. Why can?t we use the same thinking of intentions with Christians and non. Why can?t we have some nerve and say ?hey. Despite these guys? intentions, they are doing a terrible thing to the gay community and the name of Christ because their actions are inspired by hate rather than love.? Let?s call it what it is. Its seems like over and over again we are so much nicer to ?Christians? than other people.