So, apparently I am one of the top 55 pastor bloggers.  Not sure how that list was made. But I guess its cool. And hey, I am #33 right after the one and only Eugene Cho.  Maybe  that’s because we share a name (my middle name is Eugene and I used to be embarrassed of it until I started reading Eugene Peterson and met Eugene Cho!).   In light of that, Naked Pastor has posted a list of 10 suggestions for pastor bloggers.

It’s a good list and one that I would add that has really helped me in my blogging is this:

Don’t stop being a pastor on your blog.

So many people try to increase their readership by being provocative, edgy and use it to find ways to push the envelope.  There is a place for that. But you have to be aware of how a public profile like your blog will influence how people hear your sermons and follow your leadership.

Basic point is this: don’t think that what you write on your blog (or twitter or facebook for that matter) doesn’t impact and influence (positively or negatively) your ability to lead your congregation.