I have been thinking a lot about these two questions for the last couple days:

What is God doing in my life?

What (or who) is God calling me to?

Admittedly these are pretty simple questions. They are not awfully profound and they could be answered with very little thought by someone of they really wanted to.

But, i have been going back to them because i think that if we really spent a lot of time mulling over them and working through them and praying through them we would be suprised by how much we don’t even see or hear God’s work in our lives. There have been so many times where I have really sense God’s calling on me or God’s working and over time the idea, thought or conviction faded.

Perhaps the problem is that when we are blessed enough to be moved by the Spirit, we keep it inside. What would it look like if we had people in our lives who we asked and answered these questions with? I am not talking about some kind of accountability or something. I am talking about sitting with friends and encouraging each other towards Christlikeness. For me, when I get something out and am able to think through it with someone else, action is much easier. its much harder to hide from something that no one else knows…

(I got these questions and ideas for sharing them from an article on Small Groups that was at one time posted on the Emergent Villiage website. It is not there and I have yet to find out where it would be posted now. But it was written by, Paul J. Prather and was titled “Shepharding Small Groups”).