We all think we are preaching a holistic gospel.

In all my years of interacting with pastors, teachers and leaders I have never met anyone who got into a pulpit on a regular basis and said “I think I am going to preach a one-sided gospel.”

In reality, none of us are preaching a fully holistic gospel, are we?

Obviously I don’t think so, or I wouldn’t have asked the question.

I believe this is one of the reasons we need to continually be in dialogue with the entire body of Christ, Christians from all walks of life.

We must know and learn from Christians from different racial, ethic and socio-economic backgrounds and even Christians from urban, suburban and rural contexts.

It is in these conversations and friendships where we can begin to see a more holistic view of the gospel.

So, here we go:

Two easy steps to preaching a more holistic gospel:

  • 1) Admit that you don’t.
  • 2) Stop only hanging out with people just like you.

See, told you it would be easy….