…I’ll be recovering from running 26.2 miles… that is if i finish!

For the last 4 months I’ve been training hard for this marathon. I’ve made a couple posts on my blog as to why I’m running the marathon (Why I’m Running The Chicago Marathon) and what I’ve kept on running (Why I Run.).

When I started this training one of my main goals was to support one of the communities that I care about the most. After we adopted Mason from Guatemala we began looking for ways to come alongside the people in the home of his birthplace.

Many of you know we found Lemonade International, who has been doing some amazing work there in the heart of Guatemala City – La Limonada is a ghetto and home to about 60,000 – 100,000 people living in a seemingly endless cycle of extreme poverty.

Lemonade Intl. comes alongside some amazing Guatemalan leaders to educate and empower the families, and especially the children, living in this ghetto.

So, I’m running my 26.2 miles for the 100,000 who are stuck in a cycle of extreme poverty.

I’d love to have you take this opportunity to come alongside me and support this effort. The great thing is that since my fundraising is supporting the new Mi Casita Safe Home, everything you give will be doubled by way of a matching grant Lemonade International received.

Because of this, no gift is too small (and of course, no gift is too large)!

You can give on the Lemonade International website here:

Thanks so much for considering running with me in this way…