I am sitting here trying to study for a message on sunday. All that i keep thinking about is these people in New Orleans. What is most troubling to me is all the looting that is going on. I have been looking at some of the messages boards that go in line with a NO Fire Department feed and also been reading a blog of a guy who is stuck in a highrise in NO (he works for a webhosting firm which is why he still has access) and the extent of the violence is unbearable to read. Reports of rape/murders, people surrounding police, looting of liquor stores, people stealing TV’s, Computers (what the heck do they need those for), shooting at rescue workers…

It’s all a bit unbearable and my heart is heavy.

What is perhaps more disconcerting is reading the responses from people who are sitting at their computers in their nice air conditioned offices say stuff like “we should just nuke those animals” and “the reason this is happening is because they are all the lower class of soceity, they are all poor people, what do you expect?”


perhaps what is even more emotionally troubling is watching mothers and fathers with little children. being the father of a two year old, i can’t imagine being put in this situation. the last two days i have looked at my son and have been so thankful for him and for his safety. in a situation like that, i do not know what i would do.

my heart, prayers and compassion go out to all these people. all parts of me want to get in my car with a pile of help and go do something to help the situation….