So after a fantastic service at The Well this morning we’ve finally made it up to JFK airport in NYC.  (If you weren’t at The Well today… go to our church website and listen to Gary’s sermon on Acts 19. It was fantastic.  Definitely worth 29 minutes of your time.

I was thinking today during our service that I am so happy to be able to say that I love the church family that we are leaving behind for the next two weeks.  In fact, in a sense, The Well is coming with me because who I am is a result of all these people and I bring with me not only my passions but theirs as well.  They were such an encouragement this morning to me as I left. They were also such a blessing to Melanie as she’ll be home with the boys this week with her mom.  She mentioned to me that she doesn’t have enough time to hang out with all the people who told her they wanted to spend time together or even come over and help with the kids.  That’s good stuff if you ask me.

So, we’re now sitting here in JFK airport and our plane is delayed about an hour (not surprising).  But, it did allow us to watch Tiger Woods clinch the playoff in the US Open.  Of course, I am not sure we’ll be able to watch it or even see who wins tomorrow…

And, on the way up i was able to talk on the phone with Cole while Dale Earnhart, JR won his first race in about two years today.  That, was stinking cool!  (Que the “redneck” jokes here).

With that, I’m signing off till we land in London… don’t forget to check out Gary’s sermon from today.