Phew. Time for a vacation. It’s only Tuesday. I just launched my third website in two days. Now I have a headache.

I am really excited to have worked on these sites and am looking forward to seeing them develop as they grow:

Language of Belonging: I already blogged about this one. We’re still adding some content. But, I am really proud of the layout and design for this site.

One Village Coffee: This was not only a website job for me. I really believe in what this company is doing. If I were a pastor of a church that served a lot of coffee, I would buy theirs in heartbeat. Oh, wait. I am…ha! For this project, I had the honor of working Samantha Wedelich who did some really amazing, organic looking graphics. Jim Renaud set up the store for us and I wrote all the code and implemented it into WordPress.

Mr. B’s Coffeehouse: This is actually phase one of the site. They needed a site up quickly because they had some billboards going up in their area. Right now this is just an html page and doesn’t have a content management system built in yet. So, I have some more work to do but I am pleased with the site that we got up in such a short period of time. Oh, and Mr. B’s brews One Village Coffee.

So, go and read some stuff on community while you sip come coffee at a comfortable coffeehouse.