Media TempleI’ve been using dreamhost since the beginning of this blog in December 2003 (yeah, i’ve been blogging that long!). Dreamhost has been a decent host for me so far but they have just had too many problems and too much downtime on their shared server for me to be happy enough. Though, I guess when you are paying as little as I was, you can’t argue too much.

I recently bought a virtual-dedicated server with Media Temple and have been trying to figure out how in the world to use the thing. I finally spent a few hours getting my blog set up as a trial and will soon move some of my clients to this server as well.

What is the difference? Well, there should be very, very little downtime on my site and it should be a lot faster now that the server is not shared with thousands of other domains. Hopefully it will make your browsing of my site more enjoyable…

I’ll still recommend dreamhost to people who need some budget hosting. In fact, go ahead and click here to use my referral code to register.

By the way, you’ll notice that my domain is redirecting to an IP address. Anyone know if that is normal and will eventually switch over as it propagates? Or did I do something wrong?