At least, we’ve applied to do so. And Lord willing, we’re looking forward to taking care of a child who is in desperate need of a family.

My wife is now blogging about our adoption story here. She’ll start posting more as the process continues.

Below is the letter we have written to friends and family announcing our adoption…

We have some news!
Cole is getting a little brother! (But not in the way you are thinking). Instead, Lord willing, we will be adding to our family by adopting a little boy from the country of Guatemala.

While Melanie and I were dating in college, one of the things that impressed me about her was her compassion for people less fortunate. She often talked of wanting to work in adoption agency or even adopt someday when we had a family. Little did I know that more than five years later we would be pursuing that very option ourselves.

Why Guatemala?
In Guatemala over 70% of the country is deep in poverty. Most parents of teenage girls who get pregnant send their daughter to the city to hide the shame of the pregnancy as well as find help to afford the birth. After these children are born, they spend the rest of their lives as orphans unless they are adopted.

Why Us?
We feel God calling us to be used by him to give one of these children a life full of love and grace. Also, after two years of praying for a little brother or sister for Cole the “old fashioned way” without any success, we feel God is calling us to live out the call of Psalm 1:41 “How blessed is he who considers the helpless…”

In a perfect world we would not be looking to grow family through adoption. Of course, in a perfect world there would not be millions of little children living without loving families.

How Can You Help?
The total cost of adopting a child from overseas is close to $25,000. While this figure might seem a little outrageous and overwhelming, we know it is money that is well worth the investment. To make our adoption possible, we will be seeking grants, loans, working extra jobs and getting creative with our finances (don’t worry, it will all be legal!).

We also would like to invite you to invest in the life of our future child by making a financial gift toward our needs. We know that everyone’s ability to give is different. This might mean you can be generous with $25, $100, $1000, $5000 or even more. We do know that every gift will be vital, as we trust in God’s provision.

If you would like to make a gift towards this goal, please use the envelope included with this letter. (send us an e-mail) Your gift will be placed in our separate adoption account that we have set up at our bank.

Thank you for your friendship, generosity and prayers…