I am curious about this question. What are you really living for?

I don’t mean, what do you say you live for, or what would you like to live for. But, ask yourself some hard questions and see what you find. What is driving the decisions you make in life? Is it to belong? To be well known? To make money? To feed your family? To follow Christ? To find friendship? To find happiness?

I think for all of us who call ourselves followers of Christ, we like to say that we “live for God.” For many of us, this is true. For many of us, this is true only part of the time. For some of us, its never really true and we, maybe without even realizing it, are totally living for something completly different. For those of us who wouldn’t call ourselves followers of Christ, this is also an important question.

I opened up the ability to make annoymous comments so you could freely respond if you want.

So, here’s the quesion: What do I live really live for?